THIS Saturday will see fun and frolics down on the farm as the first St James’ Farm summer market takes place.

The fabulous urban farm in the heart of the Falls has been a big hit in the area with the Andersonstown News regularly covering their events.

Farmer Damian Lindsay said: “We would love to see as many people as possible coming out to join us this Saturday.

‘We will be selling all of our own produce from eggs, to lettuce, potatoes as well as our hanging baskets, with all proceeds going back into the farm.

“As well as this, people can bring their own bric-a-brac to sell. All they have to do is give five pounds towards the farm and they are free to sell their stuff.”

The farm is going from strength to strength recently thanks to a new polytunnel and 24 new additions to the farm.”

Damian added: “The pollytunnel recently went in and it has proven to be a huge success.

“It is very intergenerational with adults teaching the young ones how to look after plants, how to grow veg and also how to make hanging baskets.

“As well as this we have 24 new chicks that have just hatched and we will have them on display for an hour or so, we can only allow them out briefly as they need to be kept warm.

“There will also be someone on hand to sheer the sheep, so all in all it will be a good fun-filled family day. Hopefully we get the weather.”

The market was due to be held this time last year but due to an unfortunate incident it had to be cancelled at the eleventh hour.

“The last time we had this market planned our goats escaped and ate all the veg, we were raging!” he laughed. “So now we are on night duty, keeping an eye on the messers and making sure they can’t touch the stuff. We have had to build two new gates so they can’t get through.”

St James’ Farm Summer Market runs this Saturday from 11am-4pm everyone is welcome.