All has changed in Belfast in the space of a short few days. We have learnt more about ourselves and about our neighbours and are the richer for it. At every turn, we hear echoes of other trying times when backs were to the wall and a battered and fearful community felt it had no-one to turn to.

Then, as now, the reality is that when the community was tested, heroes stepped forward. They are the ordinary people in these extraordinary times who understand that #InThisTogether is not a cliché but a dictum to be lived by.

First among equals in this community effort of course are our health sector heroes. The dedication, commitment and sheer bravery of frontline hospital workers, care home staff and domiciliary carers in the face of the beast that is coronavirus not only saves lives but it gives resolve and determination to the rest of us.

As we enter week four of our fightback against #Covid-19, we reflect on our journey thus far in photos by our lensman Thomas McMullan. By remaining on the streets throughout this ordeal, he too is playing his part to defeat Covid-19 by ensuring that the stories of this unbeatable community are told.

All changed, changed utterly...