Picking up your meds just got a whole lot easier thanks to a Continental innovation which has been brought to West Belfast by Cooper's Pharmacy.

Express Locker is a tired-and-tested method of prescription collection in Holland, where fully one in three scripts are picked up through the system, but this is the first time the initiative has been introduced to Ireland. 

"It's a super-quick, convenient and stress-free way for a patient to pick up their medicines," said Mickey Joe Cooper of Cooper's Pharmacy. "The customer receives a text to their phone when their prescription is ready and they can then call in at their convenience. There is no need to queue. The Express Locker is close to the door at Cooper's Health Centre Pharmacy at 155 Andersonstown Road and once the customer taps in their unique code and date of birth, a locker opens to allow them access to their medicines."

Mickey Joe Cooper says a number of patients have already signed up for the service. "At this time, we know patients are keen to access pharmacy services in a swift, safe and convenient manner. So we think it's timely and we're delighted to be the first to serve the community with the Express Locker and hope that many of our loyal customers will give it a go."

To sign up to the new service, you can call Cooper's Pharmacy at 02890-602500.