SOUTH Belfast Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw says the Department for Infrastructure has been left in a "difficult position" in relation to secondary legislation that is required to create new accessible parking bays. 

Ms Bradshaw wrote to the Department to ask for clarity on whether Road Orders could proceed in the absence of a minister and the Assembly.
The MLA was informed that this issue was “being looked at in the context of the Northern Ireland Act and the Permanent Secretary is considering the making of a statutory rule providing parking places for disabled persons’ vehicles.”
Ms Bradshaw said: “When placed outside a person’s home, accessible parking bays offer those with disabilities greater mobility and improved access to everyday services. Yet, despite successful applications, disabled people are being left in the dark as to whether successful applications can proceed.
“The Permanent Secretary has been left in a difficult position by the Secretary of State in terms of much-needed clarity around powers, so much so it is unclear if even an individual parking bay can be approved.
“This is yet another example of basic services failing to be delivered in the absence of a functioning Assembly here in Northern Ireland. We cannot continue in this limbo.”
The South Belfast MLA believes that the process to introduce a space for blue badge holders has already dragged on for too long and she said disabled people deserve clarity on this issue.
“They should rightly expect that their basic access requirements are met by their government.”