Improvised fireworks bundles which are being wrapped to gether to cause a bigger explosion are being used against homes, vehicles and residents in Glengormley.

Martine Andrews from Glengormley Community Group says it’s only a matter of time before someone is badly injured in the near nightly attacks.

Members of the group who have been patrolling the Glebe and Church Road area found bundles of fireworks wrapped together in newspaper with an improvised fuse. Martine believes they are designed to cause serious damage.

“For the past three weeks or so it has been terrible, they have been firing them at people walking past, at cars and at homes,” she said.

“And these aren’t just garden fireworks, they are fireworks wrapped up together and when they go off it’s like a bomb. There are a lot of elderly people living in the area and they are absolutely terrified. It has to stop.”

Local Sinn Féin Councillor Marie Mackessy said, they have received complaints from the local community about the recent surge in the use of fireworks and urged the PSNI to tackle those selling these illegal fireworks to young people and making a criminal profit from this community’s distress.”

PSNI Neighbour Inspector for Glengormley Martin Ruddy said they will “respond promptly and appropriately to any and all reports of fireworks being thrown”