MAMMA Mia! There’s a new Italian restaurant in town and it is causing a lot of excitement in North Belfast and beyond.

Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant opened on Clifton Street last Friday night after weeks of tickling the tastebuds on social media.

The brains behind the family-run business is Ryan Lindsay who has named his new business venture after his father John (Giovanni in Italian) who passed away a few months ago.

Ryan has pulled out all the stops to open as a takeaway – for now – due to the Covid-19 pandemic but hopes to open as a restaurant as soon as government restrictions are lifted.

“It has been a tough time trying to get open during this crisis,” admitted Ryan.

“At times, I didn’t think it was going to happen getting it off the ground and a big shout out to local businessman John Kelly for all his help and advice.

“Basically, Giovanni’s is all about authentic and proper Italian-style food at the same quality as any established Italian restaurant, if not better.

“We have opened for takeaway at the minute but as soon as we are allowed, customers can enjoy a meal in the restaurant and bring their own alcohol.”

The extensive menu includes a selection of Pasta, Pizza, Calzone, Topped Chips and even some classic Italian Desserts.

It is perhaps the ‘Giovanni’s Box’ which gained the most attraction on social media in the run-up to its opening.

Priced at just £20, it consists of three cured meats, three cheeses, homemade pickles, dips, olives, hummus and a selection of fresh breads.

Indeed, it was so popular there were 20 pre-orders on the first night alone!

“It is proving really popular,” said Ryan.

“It is something different and I certainly haven’t seen anything like it before.”

For all things Italian and to cure those lockdown blues, try Giovanni’s today!

Giovanni’s Italian Restaurant is at 32 Clifton Street, phone 07517730527[0]=68.ARAB8_5kYhp4lzTpJmxlEETgyYD4kG8KUA8u63IK7xDIjD0zm71olpMxfpu2Ss9Cv6xbqNxkmrIcqV1Qz289PbS9PMdKGnKs04UeC3shNkUgbyWId_wt_QX4bAP1l1e4hxWP1kDZZj0GOC-kFXLa4_RKI_9RrdbihK0IXfZsRtSEqYKh8KmCOz4cUar6xbc-77wmjD5wMPm8M-5YJ9wb25q5bW86rqprtPMMNRZO1yJaMu35NzzMCYidZ7C3AhTvunrjgAiLlKUn3a7UGhMvfrF26Qgbw4x-7zwpjtD-9j5406Je-NeXsvFEggylMu4KHHM_fhuHsM28ce2SVzPk9MO38-iRI_coLp0&__tn__=-R