The INLA were behind the shooting of a 28-year-old whose dad was murdered 16 years ago in the same street. At around 10.25pm on Tuesday night the victim received gunshot wounds to his legs and injuries to his head at Thames Court off the Falls Road after he was dragged from his home. There are unconfirmed reports that a hammer or a hatchet was  also used in the attack.

Local Sinn Féin MLA Jennifer McCann told the Andersonstown News that this was the second time that gunmen had targeted the family home. The victim’s father was murdered by the UDA in 1996 at the same house from which the victim was snatched by the INLA gang.

“Loyalists shot dead the father of Tuesday night’s shooting victim,” said Ms McCann.

“Gunmen again returned to this family’s home and not only was it a traumatic experience for the victim but also the whole family.

“In many cases these types of incidents are nothing to do with anti-social behaviour but more to do with elements in the community attempting to instill fear into people so that they will not be challenged. It is another case of thuggery by people who have nothing to offer the residents of the area,” she added.

“It is something reminiscent of the type of behaviour carried out by the notorious ‘C’ company in the lower Shankill – plain gangsterism.

“The people of West Belfast did not bow to thuggery from the British Army and RUC and certainly won’t let these people stop them from moving forward.”

Lower Falls SDLP Councillor Colin Keenan said: “These shootings are not endorsed by the vast majority of people in West Belfast and are totally contemptible. This  is no way to solve problems in our community. Local people, particularly those who are working to improve and develop this area, are in a state of despair at these continued paramilitary-style attacks.

“I strongly appeal to anyone with information about this incident to pass it on to the police urgently.”

The PSNI have urged anyone who may have witnessed this incident or who may have information to contact detectives at Grosvenor Road on 0845 600 8000.