SDLP councillor Brian Heading has welcomed Belfast’s recognition as one of the world’s leading climate action cities.

Charity CPD ranks cities based on environmental action and transparency and this is the first time Belfast has featured on the global list. The One Million Trees Programme was cited as one of the main factors in the city’s top ranking.

Councillor Heading secured council support for the plan in 2019, with around 40,000 trees planted across Belfast so far.


“I’m delighted that the hard work of activists and campaigners across Belfast who strive tirelessly to highlight and combat the climate emergency has been recognised in this way," he said.

"This list shows that Belfast ranks alongside major cities from across the world when it comes to climate action and gives us an important platform to work from as we continue to fight to halt the devastating impact of climate change on our planet.

“I also welcome the recognition of the important role played by the One Million Trees programme in securing this honour."

Cllr Heading added that the project has been an incredible success so far, seeing thousands of trees planted across Belfast improving our local areas and offsetting some of the damage caused to our environment and helping to tackle the biodiversity crisis.

"I’m looking forward to continued efforts as we work towards our one million target," he continued.

“It’s important we recognise this is just the beginning when it comes to efforts needed across Belfast, the North and around the world when it comes to dealing with the climate emergency.

"If we want to safeguard our planet for future generations, protect our environment and fight poverty then we need to change the way we live and explore cleaner and renewable energy sources.

"We all have a role to play in minimising the harm we cause and encouraging others to follow suit.”