BELFAST Irish language rap trio Kneecap have met with former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in London today – who urged fans to attend their concert in Belfast on Sunday in aid of Palestine.

The socialist MP relayed a message for Kneecap's fans on their instagram endorsing their upcoming gig at The Devenish on December 3 which is organised by Irish Artists for Palestine to raise money and medical supplies for those in Palestine who have been injured, killed and displaced by the Israeli bombardment.

Speaking with the band, Mr Corbyn – who attended Féile an Phobail in Belfast this August – said: “On Sunday there’s a fundraiser at The Devenish by Irish Artists for Palestine to raise funds for aid and medical support.

“[In Palestine] it’s desperate, absolutely desperate. 14,000 people have already died in Gaza and many more in the West Bank as well. People are having operations without anesthetic, children are short of food and babies are short of milk formula and so much else.

“Obviously there has to be a ceasefire, obviously there has to be an end but in the meantime we’ve got to do everything we can to support some very desperate people.

“Give generously, listen to the music and when you’ve enjoyed it, give even more generously!”

Tickets for Sunday's gig can be bought online at