LAST week Glasgow welcomed world leaders to COP26. The UN conference sought to bring countries together in order to inspire them to continue to put their shoulder to the wheel concerning the Paris Agreement and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Our media reports remind us of the devastating effects of our changing climate, with increased storms, heatwaves, melting glaciers and warming oceans, to name but a few. Previously, I have shared my love for a sunset, sandy beaches and a roaring ocean – to me, all a reminder that God is present and that He is Creator.
I just love the moments when I as the created one  encounter my Creator through the beauty of His handiwork. People of faith have a part to play in the caring for our planet. We believe that God has entrusted this Earth (our home) to us, and so it is critical that we help heal and mend our world.


During this significant week, Máirtín Ó Muilleoir and his fabulous team, joined in the Climate Change awareness by hosting their annual Belfast Homecoming, The Green Edition. After a busy day of conference which included contributions from the phenomenal leading light with regards to climate change, the Mayor of Lahti, Pekka Timomen, we all gathered at the Belfast City Hall for a gala event and the presentation of Belfast Ambassador Medals to our growing number of Belfast Champions from around the world.
I had the honour of reading the invocation. I have included it below. Let’s take the time to reflect on our role in tending and protecting our planet (no matter how small) and let’s take time to give thanks to God for the wonder and awesomeness of His creation...
The Island of Ireland a land so green,
But let’s be honest there is so much we choose to ignore, and remains unseen.
From the plastic and sewage that invades our seas.
To the global decline of our honey bees.
Not to mention the deforestation and air pollution,
I think we all agree we must work towards a solution.
God has given us the responsibility to care and tend for this place,
God entrusted to us this island, our city, our communities, our space.
Whether you have faith or not, we all have a part to play,
We are responsible for this land and our responsibility must begin today.
Let’s work together to Rebuild, Restore, Repair and Revive,
So our planet survives and all of us across the Earth can thrive.
You see – your home is my home,
And my home is your home.
This is our common home. Our common place.
To our friends from Finland leading the way
And to all who are here, today,
I hope and pray we all realise and see
That there really is no Planet B.