A NUMBER of locations in West Belfast have been revealed as ‘dogging’ sites and meeting places for those keen to attend ‘swingers’ parties.

The Bog Meadows, Kennedy Way Industrial Estate and parts of the Glen Road are all named on a website along with further details such as times and dates and methods of identification for would-be participants. The website promotes locations for swinging, also known as partner swapping, and dogging, indulging in sexual activity in a public place or watching others do so, across all 32 counties in Ireland.

The site has over 120,000 members who have posted messages highlighting locations right across the island where the secret liaisons regularly take place.

County Antrim has over 700 postings on its dogging page, behind only Armagh, which leads the country with 848 posts pertaining to public sex. The local sites named are several locations on the Glen Road (swinging) and Kennedy Way Industrial Estate and the Bog Meadows (dogging). “Interested parties” are invited to meet at the Bog Meadows for some “car fun”. The location’s secluded environment is described as the perfect place for the alternative lifestyle. According to the site, those interested can drive to the location and flash their headlights or hazard lights to let others know they are keen.  If you don’t have a car, “brushing your hair” will apparently have the same effect.

On the more popular swinging page, Antrim is second only to Dublin with 10,625 and 34,020 posts respectively. Hook-up sites on the Glen Road are identified for those wishing to follow a lead car to the location of swingers parties.

And what happens if you go down to one of the listed areas and aren’t sure what to do? Well, the website covers that scenario in its ‘Guide to Swinging’.  They also have tips on ‘What’s Normal’ – just so you don’t make a fool of yourself…