There’s no doubt about it: When it comes to climate change Mother Nature can let us know who is in charge.

I remember way back in the seventies belonging to a community of people called Touch the Earth, who believed in nature and nature’s ways.

One of the practices that we used to do was a walking meditation in our bare feet, on a sandy beach or a beautiful lawn or field.

The rationale was that we were connecting with the energy of the earth. The same energy that brings forth flowers, trees, vegetables, etc. Indeed, the more I practised, the more I got a sense of that energy. It was as if I was being earthed and all the anxiety within me was being drained into the earth.

We used to enjoy long walks in the forest. It was as if the trees acted as a GPS. I found myself lost and disoriented in the forest as if I didn’t know where I was going and then, out of nowhere, the way out would appear.

Since moving back into my late mum’s house here in Twinbrook, I’ve found myself getting lost in gardening. I am enjoying seeing the fruits of my labour of love with the abundance of colours in the flower pots and rockery and the green of the grass soothing my eyes. I’m forever amazed at the delicate leaves and the flower bursts of colour and fragrance.

GOING POTTY: The author's handiwork in his Twinbrook idyll

GOING POTTY: The author's handiwork in his Twinbrook idyll

I am filled with wonder at how the seeds planted in spring know exactly what to do as they rest in the soil (or soul) of Mother Nature’s earth being blessed with both sunshine and rain and then at the right time of the seasonal clock announce themselves in the grand order of life.

Now, when I find myself getting all hot and bothered I seek refuge in Mother Nature’s garden and rest my eyes on her colours and touch her earth with my feet.

How lucky we are to have so many walks and parks throughout our city that rests in the basin of the mountains: Cave Hill, Black Mountain and Divis. Botanic Gardens with its glass house and restored plant house; Lady Dixon where the roses are in full bloom and the scent of the roses exceed any perfume.

Not to mention Oliver Jeffers' amazing tour of our solar system up on Divis. And then there's Colin Glen forest with the sound of mountain streams.

I hope you find the opportunity to visit Mother Nature’s splendour to allow yourself to soak up her beauty and, if you get the chance, to touch her earth.