Rising prices — fuel, food, oil, gas. Everywhere you look the signs are there, the signs of uncertainty.

Ukraine, Russia, and the many wars that are not being reported. Homelessness, foodbanks, Covid, addiction, suffering and suicide.

In my 68 years, I’ve never seen such a time in which we are living in right now. If your heart and mind isn't touched, you must be dead.

We also see the madness of partygate and noses in the trough. When it comes to economics, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Externally we need to change but inside, also, we need to change. We need to listen to the power of one, to that discerning voice that knows that you have the strength and resilience to change.

And, yes, together we can bring change. To begin with we can exercise our vote for change. We can reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves, through donating produce to the food bank, clothes to the charity shop, money to the many groups that help the helpless. If you have the time, volunteer your time for others, neighbours and the community — we’ve done it before and we can do it again.

We have to see the big picture and we need to seize the moment. It's time to take the foot off the brake and go into action.

I was with a great friend last Sunday, John McPhillips who is looking for land to create a community garden where people can plant vegetables and everyone — those who planted and those who didn’t — can take what they need at harvest time, free of charge. What a noble idea and one that I know we can all benefit from.

I know that within the communities there are many groups who would welcome new volunteers with open arms. Belfast is blessed, and always has been, with those who have the community at heart. And looking around as I cycle into town and out again, I see and sense community.

There are many voluntary groups offering advice. Back in my day we offered advice from a changing room in the Brook Activity Centre and I witnessed with my own eyes the change in people when they took that brave step into the changing room, asking for advice.

Good people, like the readers of this column, making their voices heard for change, real change for a better society. Change to create a community where we know that we are being taking care of and supported.

Action is needed on jobs, the cost of living, housing, health...and the list goes on. Let’s remember that we can and we will do it, together. In the words of Jackson Browne;

"Though the world may make you hard and wild
And determine how your life is styled
When you've come to feel that you're the only child
Take good care of your brother."