SAINT Oliver Plunkett parish have sent 100 Christmas shoe boxes and £525 to the Samaritans' Purse charity as part of their annual appeal. 
This year many of the boxes will be sent to children in Ukraine. 
The appeal is spearheaded each year in the parish by Pastoral Council member Winnie Dougherty and provides emergency relief and development assistance to people suffering around the world. 
Parish secretary Cathy Megahey said: “This is a fabulous project for the parish and we have been involved for several years. 
“We are always amazed at the generosity of our parishioners who go out of their way to fill a box or sometimes several boxes. They can choose the age and gender of the child they wish to fill a box for.
“In the current financial situation, these children are not forgotten and even those who are struggling themselves try to do something for others. 
“A huge thank you goes to Winnie and to all our parishioners who continue to show their endless generosity.”