On Saturday St Patrick’s travelled to Hydebank Playing Fields to meet their local rivals Ardoyne. St Patrick’s started well, taking the lead five minutes in thanks to a great opening goal from young Peter McKiernan but then seemed to lose focus.

Ardoyne soon capitalised on this, notching up a 3-1 lead by half-time.

After an encouraging team talk by manager Sean McGreevy a renewed, determined and re-focused St Pat’s team emerged in the second half.

Their second goal of the game, again courtesy of Peter McKiernan, came within the first five minutes of the second half.

During the match there was some great play on the wings by Leigh McEvoy and Tiarnan McKee, who troubled the Ardoyne defenders throughout the game and their hard work   undoubtedly inspired the rest of the team.

Two goals by young McKee, the second of which was a real belter, added to Ardoyne’s misery, unfortunately for them St Pat’s weren’t finished and the scoreline didn’t end there.

Peter McKiernan knocked in his third of the day, while SP McGreevy claimed the sixth after some nifty footwork left the Ardoyne defenders reeling in his wake.

Lewis McFadden nabbed St Pat’s last goal of the day, scoring from a free-kick.  Ardoyne fought back with some inspired play but the match ended in a well-deserved 7-4 victory to St Pat’s.

ST PATRICK’S: SP McGreevy, L McFadden, K Benson, L McEvoy, O McGrandles, P Scullion, F McQuillan, T McKee, D Maloney, E Fields, PJ O’Neil, P McKiernan. Man of the Match: Leigh McEvoy.