UNEARTHING a box of hidden treasures at his home in Coventry, expat John Cassidy came across this photograph of the Class of 1953/’54 at St Paul’s Primary School.

Having lived across the water for the past 40 years, John and his family are keen to find out the names of those in the photograph.

The family have very kindly included some of the names of the pupils but are hoping that the readers of the Andersonstown News can help fill in the blanks.

In the back row from left to right, John Cassidy and Terry Catney are included.

In the middle row from left to right John was able to provide us with a few surnames: McGrory, Ward, Gallagher, Rooney, Johnson, Gough...

Among the boys pictured in the front row from left to right are P Gallagher, M Quinn and also a McDonagh and a McCready.

If you think you can help John complete the picture please contact the Andersonstown News desk on 90608813 or leave a comment below.