A PERSON tweets (a media person, no doubt) his anger at those who bump their car horns whenever they see a TV reporter doing a piece to camera. Squinter, of course, begs to differ. Technically speaking, Squinter should be on the side of the tweeter, being a skinny-latte-drinking media type and all. But he’s not. Squinter believes that it is every motorist’s bounden duty to sound that horn when a TV crew and camera hove into view. It’s childish – of course it is; and against the rules of the road too, come to think of it, because aren’t there restrictions on when and how you may use your horn? But so what?

People use their horns for all manner of non-urgent purposes – to greet a friend, to let someone know you’re at the door (taxis even do it in the wee small hours), to chivvy along a daydreaming Sunday driver and, yes, to get on a TV crew’s goat. Squinter’s going to come clean and admit that he’s done the latter more times than he can remember. Worse, he’s let off a frankly maddening series of long and short hoots in order more effectively to annoy the crew, since single blasts are part of the urban soundscape.

It’s only fair, isn’t it? The TV never stops annoying us, so we’re entitled to exact revenge wherever and whenever we can.

It’s a small victory for the little people, and when it comes to the petty pleasures, they don’t get any littler than Squinter.