As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take a toll on the community's health and mental wellbeing, Belfast's top troubadours have come together to lend their musical muscle to the Covid fightback.

A moving new song 'Seems Like Yesterday', penned by Cubb McCullough who lost his son Paul to suicide last year, has been recorded by a star-studded singing line-up including Deborah Gordon and John Rafferty in order to raise funds for mental health charities.

Speaking during a performance of the song in the Sloan's Club yesterday, Cubb said the song was his gift of solace to all those suffering from the grief of losing a loved one. 

"There's not one of us who hasn't grieved over the loss of a loved one," he said. "To go from something that I wrote in my bedroom reflecting my own personal feelings and was going to keep private to this recording for charity is just amazing."

He added: "Each one of us feels pain and loss. This song expresses that pain but also gives hope by encouraging the community to donate to our fundraising appeal for mental health charities. We're not going to save the world with a song but hopefully we can ease the pain being felt by some."

Spent today with some of the singers & musicians who have helped me to get song recorded. We where doing a live version...

Publiée par Cubb Mccullough sur Vendredi 4 septembre 2020

The song is slated for release worldwide by digital download with the proceeds going to charity from September 10, World Suicide Awareness Day.