WALKING through the gates of Holy Cross Boys Primary School in Ardoyne, you are immediately welcomed by the waft of fresh hot donuts and fried onions. No, the smell is not coming from the school canteen, but from Cullens Funfair who are back in the city as Covid restrictions continue to ease.
Upon entering you quickly notice the sanitising stations dotted around the place and the signs reminding you of the need to socially distance and follow the Covid-19 guidance while at the fair. For a moment, it feels unusual to have some form of normality back in our lives.
The first ride that we tried had to be the Swinging Miami which offered a unique view over the terraced rooftops of the nearby streets.

Following this, we just had to have a go on the  scream inducing Crazy Wipeout. While screaming is discouraged in the park due to the current restrictions, it is hard to contain yourself as you spin upside down while being propelled from side to side on this one.
For the traditionalists out there, Cullens famous Waltzer is back again to send you on a dizzy thrill where you come off feeling like you belong in the lyrics of a Pete Burns song.
If you have younger kids with you, then they are sure to have a blast in the Fun House or on the many junior rides dotted around the fair.

See more photos in this week's North Belfast News and Andersonstown News

See more photos in this week's North Belfast News and Andersonstown News

Of course, no trip to the Funfair is complete without trying out some of the game stalls and with the Shooting Range, Tin Can Alley and Hook A Duck, you can have plenty of fun as you try to win a giant cuddly toy.
Cullens Funfair are in the grounds of Holy Cross Boys until Sunday 20 June. They are open weekdays from 6pm to late and weekends from 2:30pm until late.
Wednesday 16 June is Carnival Crazy Night with all ride prices reduced.