YOUNG people and staff from St. Michael’s Youth Club have created an inspirational video in support of frontline workers.

By utilising online technology during lockdown, the club have put together a special lip-sync rendition of Love Inc.’s 90s dance hit ‘You’re a Superstar’.

The video also features NHS inspired artwork, motivational quotes, and clips of the youngsters participating in the now weekly ‘Clap for Carers’, which takes place each Thursday.

Youth Worker Eamon McQuillan said: “Because of Coronavirus the club has been socialising through Facebook, and we’ve done a few different tasks, so we decided to make a post for the NHS staff and key workers.

“On Friday we started making the video and we saw that there was a Facebook page called ‘Self-isolation Youth Workers’, and they had posted a competition to make a video for the NHS, so we ended up sending it to them as well.”

He added: “We’re really proud of the kids.

“My aunt is a nurse and she works in intensive care dealing with Covid-19, so we sent the video to her, and she sent back a picture of her in her protective work gear – the kids are so proud of the workers too.”

Publishing the video online, St. Michael’s Youth Club stated: “Our young people wanted to show there support for the NHS and all front line workers who don't have a choice to stay at home like we do and have to go out and keep our country running while we wait to be united again in our little youth centre, so our young people made our video to show the real superstars that we do support them from our homes and we're so grateful for all they do for us as young people and our future.

“As the saying goes it's never goodbye, it's always we'll see you soon”