Answering the People Like You questions this week is Santa Claus who took time out from his busy schedule to tell us how he is getting on with his preparations as Christmas Day looms large on the horizon...

I was born in... The North Pole.

I grew up in... a snowy little village called Reindeer Landing.

I now live... most of the year in the North Pole but I get to see a fair bit of the world with my job.

I was educated at... St Nicholas’ Boys’ School.

My earliest memory is... my first white Christmas.

When I was a child I wanted to be... an elf.

I actually became... Santa Claus!

Worst job I've ever had... clearing a path in the snow to get the sleigh moving – it’s hateful.

Best job I've ever had... my current one. Ho, ho, ho!

The bravest thing I've ever done... attempting to fit down a slimline chimney after too many mince pies.

The stupidest thing I've ever done... get stuck in a chimney in Ballymurphy for three hours.

The biggest thing I've yet to do is... break my own time record for delivering presents around the world.

The person/people who inspired me most is/are...

Mrs Claus and my elves, their work rate is impeccable.

The most important thing in the world is... making sure all the children wake up happy on Christmas morning.

I'm very bad at... resisting all the mince pies and treats left out for me in the houses.

I'm very good at... driving a sleigh.

I'm most proud of... getting to visit every single house in the world in one night. Beat that Usain Bolt!

My best friend would say I am... jolly, considerate and generous.

I like to relax by... sipping mulled wine by the glowing fire.

My favourite saying/quote is... it’s not the gift but the thought that counts.

The last book I read was... A Christmas Carol.

My favourite movie is... Santa Claus the Movie.

The actor that would play me in a movie of my life would be... Richard Attenborough.

The song that makes me dance is...  Last Christmas by Wham!

The song I would have played at my funeral would be... Santa Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

The best place I've ever been.... West Belfast, of course.

The place I have to visit before I die is... I hear there are a few bars in West Belfast that are some craic at Christmas.

The last person I talked to on the phone was....

Mrs Claus, she is stuck in traffic coming out of town.

The last text message I received was from… my head elf, he was telling me they have made all their deadlines. Belter!

If I was a politician I would... not introduce a speed limit for sleighs.

If I won the lottery I would...  give my elves a pay rise, they work very hard.

If I could describe myself in five words they would be... jolly, kind, giving, fair and understanding.

If I could invite five people (living or dead) to a dinner party they would be... Jack Frost, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and Mrs Claus!

If I could change one thing about West Belfast it would be... I would always object to any Scrooge types anywhere in the world.

My favourite thing about West Belfast is... The best kids in the world live there!