A WOMAN in her mid 30’s was rescued from Cave Hill at the famous landmark at Napoleons nose on Wednesday afternoon (April15).

Mountain rescue crews were deployed around 1.25pm with rapid response crews also on board.

They were quickly kitted up with rescue gear and corona masks as well as the rest of their heavy equipment.

A local bystander Jill Hughes (22) witnessed the dramatic incident happen.

“She was going back down the steps ( from the summit) and fell backwards. I think her leg is badly broken. It was really random but so easily done," she said.

With the sun at its height, families who had been relaxing watched on as the crew swept into action.

Another hiker, Colin McCall (34) seemed quite shaken up.

“It all happened so quickly but thank goodness the mountain rescue team were able to help her. If it had happened anywhere else I dread to think how they would have got to her.

"Especially with the resources being so stretched with the health and emergency services coping with Covid 19. I’m just glad we decided to come here instead of the Mournes.

"People underestimate how treacherous this hill can be, it’s a great day today so luckily they were able to get her. God forbid conditions would have been worse. This could have had a very different outcome.”

The spot where it happened was quickly reopened as the crews brought the woman to safety.