A WEST Belfast councillor has welcomed a meeting with Departmental officials regarding potholes in the Lagmore area.
Councillor Joe Duffy met with Department for Infrastructure inspectors at Lagmore Glen  and said that he will continue to lobby for the a permanent resolve to the potholes.

“Since I was co-opted we have been lobbying with the Department to get the roads around the area fixed and we have had some serious accidents here with wheels buckling in the potholes,” he said.
“We continued to lobby the department and this week we have had the inspectors out and they are going to resurface this part and we will continue to lobby them to get the rest of the roads fixed as it is not just Lagmore Glen, but also Lagmore Avenue which is really bad alongside parts of Mount Eagles.
“The Department are saying that they are holding off on this because of the Colin Active Strategy which will come through here and will be delivered through the Blue and Green Infrastructure Fund and they don’t want to resurface the road for it to be dug up again.
“Our issue with that is that the Colin Active Strategy has been sitting on the Council’s desk for two years now gathering dust.
“I have set up a few meetings with the Council team and we had a presentation delivered to the Colin Neighbourhood Partnership environmental subgroup on the feasibility study which was carried out and we are continuing to push that to see if we can get movement either way on this.”

Following the meeting between Cllr Duffy and DFI, the Department have undertaken temporary works on the road with resurfacing to be scheduled.