Ben Madigans bar on the Cavehill Road is opening its doors to dog lovers.

Owner Kelvin Collins, is the owner of two Jack Russells himself – Marley and Scamp – and says he has brought his dogs to the bar "and they really love it here!"

Now, he says, customers who are out walking with their dogs are welcome to call into the bar with their furry friends.

"Allowing dogs into the bar and outside really adds a character to the bar," he said. 

The outside bar, in particular, has proven particularly popular with dog walkers. 

"People will be out for a walk up and down the Cavehill Road and on really nice days will stop off for a pint or two mid-walk," said Kelvin,

And he has issued an invite to other dog walkers in North Belfast. With dog sales soaring during lockdown, and with restrictions being eased in the coming weeks, people are eager to get back out of the house, but are hesitant to leave their dogs at home for any great lengths of time.

But they needn’t worry. Now they can pop into their local dog friendly bar where they can be sure of a welcome.