THE first Palestine Film Festival will take place in Belfast this week.

Organised in coordination with the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Kairos Ireland, and the Palestinian Community NI, screenings will take place at venues throughout Belfast. 

Each film screening will reflect on a different element of Israels ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people and the guest speakers for the Q&A sessions are witnesses to these crimes. 

10th of June, 6.30pm – The Duncairn: Premiere of ‘Where Olive Trees Weep’ which offers a searing window into the struggles and resilience of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation. It explores themes of loss, trauma, and the quest for justice. With guest speakers Mohammed Samaana and Rev. Bill Shaw. 

12th of June, 6.30pm – The Black Box: Screening the film ‘GAZA’ offering an insight into the life of Palestinians in Gaza prior to this Genocide. ‘GAZA’ is a portrait of a people attempting to lead meaningful lives against the rubble of perennial conflict and going beyond the reach of television news reports to reveal a world rich with eloquent and resilient characters. With guest speakers Zak Hania, Dr. Omar Al Shaqaqi and Brendan Byrne (producer).

13th of June, 6.30pm – Vault Studios Marlborough House Belfast City Centre: Screening the film ‘A World Not Ours’. The film hits notes on a wide emotional scale, from tears to laughter, as filmmaker Mahdi Fleifel makes us feel for his family, friends, and home as strongly as if they were our own. His themes are universal, yet they are also rooted in a specific place: the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain el-Helweh in Lebanon. 

The proceeds from this festival will be used for food baskets in Gaza, distributed by the Palestinian Crescent Authority for Relief and Development.

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