THE family of West Belfast toddler Dáithí Mac Gabhann say they believe up to 1,000 households took part in their ‘Coffeesation Morning’ during Organ Donation Week which came to a close on Sunday. 
The Mac Gabhann family have been inundated with Facebook, Instagram photos, messages and emails from families having their morning cuppa while having the conversation around organ donation.
“Every week is busy for us but Organ Donation Week gives us an opportunity to raise even more awareness,” said Dáithí’s father Máirtín.
“On Monday last I was at my phone and it was 8am, the next thing it was 10.30pm and I was just getting to sit down, that’s how busy we were.
“With it being virtual this year due to Covid our hands are a bit tied as we love being in the community, we love engaging with people, we like being seen and heard.
"The motivation behind Coffeesation is the amount of families that are saying no to organ donation and the amount of potential transplants that aren’t happening each year because people aren’t having the conversation.
“It’s something very simple, take part in Coffeesation and reassure your loved ones that you are clear, as 109 families overruled their loved one decisions. Those are people who signed the organ donation register and their families overruled their decision. I can sympathize with those families as they are going through a tragedy, something terrible.
“For me, personally, I want to be an organ donor, to give the gift of life, to save up to nine lives. I’m not criticizing those families, I think families should respect their loved ones, and be clear. I understand that I am totally biased because of my son. What we have gone through over the past couple of years has totally opened my eyes to it all."
As well as the Coffeesation event, a commissioned painting of Dáithí by former Sinn Féin Councillor and All Saints College teacher David Bell was unveiled in the Cultúrlann. 
David said he was “very privileged” to have been contacted by the family “to commission a painting encapsulating Dáithí and all his endeavours to date”.
“It was a challenge to try and capture all the different events that Dáithí and his family have been involved in as part of the organ donation campaign. I hope that I have managed to do Dáithí and his family justice in this painting."