AFTER almost a decade in development the final phase in the ‘Ballymurphy Home Insulation’ project is to commence. Sinn Féin Councillor Steven Corr welcomed the news that Housing Executive properties in the area are to receive much-needed cladding insulation as part of the scheme. 

“For decades and since it was built and because of the ‘no cavity’ type construction, homes in Ballymurphy have been cold and issues with dampness and condensation have been a constant for residents,” he said.  “The properties have also been difficult to heat and the heat retention of the houses has also been a major cause for concern. 

“This has resulted in illness, cold, flus, bronchial problems and other long-term health conditions, which in turn have had a major impact on education, poverty and deprivation in the area,” he said. 


“Thanks to this new initiative, we hope that those issues will become a thing in our past as the final stage of the wrap around scheme is set to commence.” Cllr Corr said the completion of cladding insulation will render the homes “fully insulated”.  “Previous schemes have comprised of new roofs, double glazed windows, new attic insulation and new heating systems. 

“This has been almost ten years in development and at last the final stage of the project is about to commence with surveys for each property before the actual cladding work begins. “The Housing Executive is to be commended for their work to date on this. This is how lobbying and campaigning works and this is how to get results, no waffle, and a clear result for our people. With this scheme now, we have almost all the Housing Executive properties in my area covered and fully insulated.”