Intermediate Cup, Round Two

Immaculata 0-3 Greenisland

IMMACULATA lost out to a confident and skilled Greenisland this Saturday at Grosvenor Recreation grounds ahead of their big game this week against Dunmurry Rec in the semi-finals of the Steels and Sons Cup (Tuesday, 7.45pm at Inver Park).

Immaculata fought hard and put in a valiant effort, but there was an impression that eyes were more focused on a different prize this upcoming week than what was in front of them, and Greenisland swooped in to take full advantage.

The game began evenly until Greenisland got in a wonder goal 21 minutes, scored by Alan Kerby from around 30 odd yards out, it chipped through the air and sang all the way from Kerby's boot to the back of the net.

The West Belfast men fought back, however, with Brian Kennedy and Joseph McClenaghan both taking two accurate shots on goal, but they were both saved by Greenisland's 'keeper Luis Finlay.

Possession was largely even but the men from Greenisland got in a few good shots after whittling past the Mac's defence, with one coming from Conal McWilliams-Small and another from Matthew Sinclair, but like with Immaculata's attempts, both were also saved.


Immaculata had a close chance one minute before the first half ended when they pressed in tight to the goal, and Padraig Adams took a chance with the header, but it went over the net.

Greenisland got another goal in seconds before the end of the first half from Conal McWilliams-Small who got deep and close to the net before shooting across at a close angle to net the second one, bringing the scoreline up to 2-0.

The second half opened up with the Mac on the attack, trying to break through Greenisland's defence, and there were some good chances, but unfortunately, none of them got past Greenisland's 'keeper.

On 75, minutes Immaculata had a great chance when Ben McCaul took a shot, but it went wide over the right hand side of the net.

The rest of the match was taken up in possession battles between both sides, with Immaculata fighting for a goal but unable to break through Greenisland's defence. This went on until the very last seconds of the game when Greenisland got in a third and final goal, with substitute Jack Curran sinking the ball into the back of the net to end the game 3-0 to Greenisland, putting them through to round three of the Intermediate Cup, and with Mac's remaining focus resting on their upcoming battle against Dunmurry Rec at Inver Park in Larne this coming Tuesday.

IMMACULATA: R Murray, B McCaul, R McMenamin, E Begley, S McGovern, P Adams, B Kennedy, J McClenaghan, L Brady, S Begley, J Haughey

Subs: K McGovern, B McGovern, G McVicker, B McCaul

GREENISLAND: L Finlay, A Kerby (goal 21 minutes), C McGeough, S Moffat, G Bell, G McGuinness, S Richards, C Williams-Small (goal 45 minutes), W Haggan, M Sinclair

Subs: M McNeill, J Curran (goal 90 mins), D Bell