Every morning for the past week I’ve set my alarm for 6am to get up and go for a run. And every morning for the past week I’ve rolled over, knocked it off and got up at 7.15am... the intention was there!

Anyway, I know it’s time to catch myself on and start taking this thing seriously and to be fair to myself I have made a start, it may be a half-hearted attempt at a start, but it’s a start none the less.

I started back to my regular boxercise training after a good few weeks off for Christmas. I stood on the scales and got the shock of my life. So, I now realise that I really need to start putting in the extra effort and I also need to get my jaws wired.

As well as throwing a few punches I’ve also started taking the dog for a run instead of a walk. This actually happened by accident, it’s been so cold lately that I started running in an effort to keep myself warm, but it still counts.

One thing I have noticed though while out running in the evenings is the amount of people dressed head to toe in black and running on the roads, is it just me or is this crazy?

I’ve promised my good friend Bernie Murray that I would meet her this Saturday morning in the Falls Park for the Park Run, I’m absolutely dreading this as Bernie is a bit of a pro at this running lark (she does 10k races before she has her breakfast).

Is it wrong that I’m going to reward myself with alcohol on Saturday evening for completing this mammoth task?

I think I’ll download the Rocky soundtrack this week for extra inspiration.