COLIN Councillor Danny Baker is set to meet with the owner of a site close to Mount Eagles that has become a hotbed of antisocial activity.
The land, which houses two barns, has been the scene of a number of instances of antisocial behaviour culminating in the burning of a car last week.
Speaking about the incident, Cllr Baker said: “Residents had spotted this car driving about the day beforehand then it was parked at the side of the wasteland. The residents had phoned the PSNI who came out but had no way of moving it.
“Younger ones were then about the wasteland and the car was set on fire.  I have spoken to the owner of the site who I will be meeting this week to try and discuss how we can secure the site better.”
He added: “It is becoming a hotspot of anti-social behaviour and residents living in the Mount Eagles Close area are being tortured with the noise and fires that are being lit close to the houses. It has been hard for them over the summer months and it is something that we have to work on. We need to have a conversation about what this land could look like in the future. There are two barns which are operational but we have had issues with in the past. It was only last year that we had two girls trapped in them and a fire lit so it is concerning and needs addressed asap.”