In good times and bad, ordinary or extraordinary, quality pizza is always an essential. However, the recent opening of the new Andersonstown-based pizzeria, Pizzabaker, arguably couldn’t have come at a better time.

Pizzabaker is one of Europe’s fastest growing pizza franchises, renowned for both great taste and a holistic dedication to the communities it serves. 

The opening the locally-led West Belfast store has been six months in the making, but owner Sean Largey explained how he and his team took the decision to begin their essential service to help “look after the community” in these hardest of times.

“There are a lot of people out there who don’t have access to cars or transport, and with family and friends being in lockdown they are not able to get out and go shopping,” he said.

“Not only that, but everybody needs a treat and everybody needs a night off, everyone needs that bit of time where they can sit down and socialise without having to make food. 

“It’s good that we can provide a service where we can drop a pizza off to their doorsteps.”

Providing pizza is one thing but, importantly, Pizzabaker is big on quality, with and emphasis on the freshest and best ingredients.

 BELLISIMO: Margaret Lynch and Brendan Morris at the Pizza Baker[/caption]
BELLISIMO: Margaret Lynch and Brendan Morris at the Pizza Baker[/caption]

“What makes our product unique is that we make our dough fresh from scratch everyday in store,” Sean enthused.

“We don’t buy in frozen doughballs that other places use.

“What also makes us different is that we’re not your traditional stone-baked Italian style pizza – we are an American-style pizza, so there is a bit more bite to the pizza. 

“We’re also the only pizza chain in the whole of the UK and Ireland, that we know of anyway, that uses primal meats. Most other places use chicken, beef or meatballs that are all already cooked and sent in for them to reheat in the oven. We take in fresh raw chicken, pork and beef, we slice and dice it, they are marinated in our own secret spices, cured and cooked in our pizza ovens as part of the process.”

He added: “It gives that unique and fresh feeling to the pizza.”

As well as its expansive set range of pizzas, Pizzabaker has an impressive selection of oven-cooked sides, which – as part of the company’s responsibility to the environment – are all prepared without the use of oils. 

While the environmentally aware or health conscious customers can enjoy a guilt-free feast, your meal can be further enjoyed in the knowledge that you are helping to support Pizzabaker’s local charity partner, Suicide Awareness.

“I know we’re going through a pandemic at the minute, but the mortality rate for suicide in this area is exponentially higher than a lot of other places in the UK, so straight away we reached out to see what we could do to help Suicide Awareness,” Sean explained.  “Not only can we help through our brand by raising money, but also through using the skills we have in amongst our staff – just to try to get involved and help create that awareness. Also to offer our services and our premises for them as well- anything that we can do to give back to the community.

“It’s not just about what we can get from the community, it’s what we can give back that’s the big thing for us.”