The British government should hang its head in shame at the treatment of British ex-service personnel.  On the one hand it praises their dedication and bravery, while on the other hand it refuses to adequately support those injured while serving their country   ('Maimed Para's Payout Halved').  The most seriously wounded soldier to survive injuries in Afghanistan will get just half of the £1 million compensation he is entitled to because the government has imposed a cap on all payouts to injured soldiers.  Source: Daily Mail, September 5, 2011).  Compare this to the rubber-stamping of huge compensation paid to ex-RUC and PSNI (£55 million 2009/10, £25 million 2010/11) for hearing loss.

People like Rita Restorick, whose son Stephen was the last soldier to die (February 12, 1997) whilst serving in Northern Ireland before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement (April 1997) must be appalled at this disparity.

The hypocrisy is truly unbelievable.

Jim McCabe