A LOCAL taxi driver is warning other drivers to be on their guard after he came under attack on the Springfield Road. Kevin Gillespie, a driver with Bell Taxis, said action needs to be taken “before someone gets killed”.

“This happened to me recently on a Sunday night. I had just dropped off a fare  and was driving along Lanark Way when a stone came through the driver side window.

“It was around 11.30pm and this seems to be happening at the weekends down there, from one side to the other. Someone is going to be killed if this keeps up,” he said.

“Throwing anything at a vehicle is a very serious issue. I’m just trying to make a living and you are having to face incidents like this. Taxis, or any cars, are not targets. I had to replace the window that was broken and I had to take time off work as I was badly hurt.

“I just wanted to contact the Andersonstown News about this and to alert other drivers.

“Stones hitting vehicles are very dangerous. Thank God I didn’t have any passengers in the car with me. I just hope something can be done about it.”