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A big book tour with a difference

By Squinter

THE AD for the new Ford Mondeo is keen to play up the car’s frugal fuel consumption. To this end it features a bloke with good teeth and a satnav who decides to go on a tour of Europe, “visiting the locations in his favourite book, The Da Vinci Code”.

Apparently he does it on two tanks of fuel, which is some turn-up for the books because  the last time Squinter took a Ford Mondeo on a long journey he was lucky to get to Castlebar and back on one full tank.

Squinter was reminded of this distressing dichotomy when the ad came on again  at half-time during the football at the weekend. There was the same smug bloke in his shiny new car, on the motorway, on the ferry, zipping through vineyards and verdant valleys. Only now – by the Holy Priory of Sion! – he’s visiting “locations in his favourite book”.

What on earth happened there? Have m’learned friends recruited an albino monk to protect Dan Brown’s intellectual property? Who knows? But so’s the mystery can be cleared up, Squinter has emailed Professor Robert Langdon and asked him if he’d do what he could to get to the bottom of it. There could even be a book in it.

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