CHILDREN at Thorndale Family Centre are bringing much-needed joy to the elderly during tough times thanks to an intergenerational partnership with a nearby care home.

The specialist family centre in Duncairn Avenue is run by the Salvation Army and is home to around 31 families.

With the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic forcing many people to self-isolate, residents of nearby Bruce House have been unable to welcome visits from loved ones for over a month.

However, they were cheered up this week thanks to children from Thorndale Family Centre who made colourful posters and cards for all the residents before delivering them during the Clap for Carers weekly event last Thursday.

Beth Maddern from the Salvation Army said it was great to see residents from Bruce House with a smile on their faces thanks to children from Thorndale Family Centre.

“Bruce House are our neighbours,” she explained.

“We started a link with them before Christmas after some children visited and sang carols with the residents.

“As the virus hit, we realised just walking past, they weren’t getting any visitors. We wanted to do something to show our support and all the children made cards and posters for all the residents.

“We delivered them last Thursday during the weekly Clap for Carers. It was really nice and everyone at Bruce House really appreciated it.

“When I came into work on Friday morning, they had sent up a lovely thank you card and sweets for the children.

“We are very conscious that Bruce House, like so many care homes are going through tough times during the lockdown.

“It must be really hard for residents and their families not being able to see each other but I am glad we could do a little something to cheer everyone up.”

Clap for Carers (Thursday, 8pm)