A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. I love my Sunday morning time carving out my weekly column. As I reflect over the week, what comes to mind is the sweet music that abounds in our city, from the street buskers to the outdoor festival stages and the concert halls. 

My good friend for many years now Terry Sharpe from the Sprinky, contacted me to let me know that he and the Adventures were playing the Empire and asked if I would like to be on the guest list. Of course I jumped at the chance as I love the Adventures and no better venue than the Empire on Botanic Avenue. 

Terry and I were close friends at St Gall's primary school — or detention centre depending on your experience. I lived in 248 Cupar Street and Terry was on the front of the Springfield opposite Mackie’s sectarian foundry where Catholics got no further than the front gate. Terry and I would get offside when the Mackie’s men clocked out or they would have clocked us. 

I always admired Terry’s courage and bravery, upping sticks and moving to the big smoke of London) for fame and fortune – both of which The Adventures achieved, living the high live and being signed by a major record label.

On another musical note, I was invited up to Anne Hailes' home off the Antrim Road. What a beautiful vista as you look out the window to Old Man Cavehill. 

Anne informed me that I would be very much at home in her house as the top floor of the house was soundproofed for musical evenings that were held in her home. Many a jazz musician enjoyed making music there under the gaze of the Cavey. What a small world it is: As we spoke of Belfast past, we realised we both had  a connection with the rag trade. My relatives were tailors and musicians, ditto for Anne. It’s amazing how we were able to spark off each other and memories come flooding in, occasionally cursed by forgetfulness. With this comes a vibrancy that strikes colour into a fading past.

On another note (ahem!), high on the hill that overlooks Dundrum Bay is Magy's Farm, a place of sound and vision. I received an invite from Maggie and Linley, the visionaries behind this wonderful venue, to a live jazz session. For those who who don’t know Maggie and Linley Hamilton, they are the adventurers of sound and vision. I have visited the farm several times and the magic of the place fills you with excitement because you know, without fail, that you are in for a treat with their company. I should also add that Maggie is an animal-lover and she has a few rescued donkeys out the back of her home. I always make it my business to go and say hello — or hee-haw — to my four legged friends. 

Inside the kitchen of the house guests intermingle and share stories of legendary jazz presarios. Then at the sound of the bell at 8pm we are ushered to the converted barn which now houses the studio, the venue for our jazz experience, the stage is set the musicians, or perhaps the magicians, of jazz take their place and in turn take the audience on an adventure.

Back in the day, I played the saxophone. No more, it's true, but music continues to fill my week - here's hoping it also fill yours.