A vigil to mark the 39th anniversary of the New Lodge Six massacre when six local people were killed by the British army will be held tomorrow night (Friday).

On February 3 1973 Jim Sloan, Jim McCann, Brendan Maguire, Tony 'TC' Campbell, John Loughran and Ambrose Hardy were shot dead in a 90-minute period in the New Lodge.

Tomorrow night’s memorial at the Donore Court mural will include republican speakers from the area.

John Loughran, a nephew of one of the dead, said the vigil will be a chance for families who have lost loved ones to remember those who died that night.

“The key point is remembrance of those who have gone before,” he said.

“It’s important for the people who lost their loved ones but it is also a solemn moment of remembrance for everyone who has lost loved ones from the New Lodge over the years.”

This year’s vigil will be the first to be held in front of the new mural which was unveiled in October. The mural, which depicts the victims, is designed to serve not only as a symbol of respect but as a very visible reminder of injustice.

Due to gradual wear and tear it was decided that the old mural should be replaced. The mural attracted visitors from outside the area raising public awareness and providing important educational value for those that would otherwise have been totally unaware of the New Lodge Six Massacre. The vigil, organised by the New Lodge Memorial Committee, begins at 7pm at Donore Court, everyone is invited to attend.