Sharon Fetherston is a local antiques expert, who works in partnership with her daughter Barbara on sniffing out old treasures. Sharon offers advice to discerning collectors, who travel from across Ireland, on the valuation and sale of rare items whilst, she herself, trys to avoid snooty shop assistants.

I was born in… Miss Martin’s nursing home in Eglantine Avenue

I grew up in… our home in Eglantine Avenue itself

I now live… on the outskirts of South Belfast, near Drumbo

I was educated at… Ashleigh House School in Windsor Avenue

My earliest memory is… growing up in a house full of antiques and a lot of love

When I was a child I wanted to be… a show jumper

I actually became… a horse riding instructor and an antique dealer

The worst job I ever had was… as a temporary classroom assistant

The best job I have ever had is… owning and running The Antique Gallery

The bravest thing I have ever done was… starting out on my own with three young children

The stupidest thing I have ever done is… locking myself out of my house three times in a row

The biggest thing I have ever done is… buying property on my own

The person who inspired me most is… my Mum

I am very bad at… spelling and organising

I am very good at… picking property and valuable antiques

I am most proud of… my children

My best friend would say I… was good fun and honest

I like to relax by… dancing, and dining with friends

My favourite saying is…“It’s never too late”

The last book I read was... ‘Snobs’, by Julian Fellowes

My favourite movie is… Sister Act

The actress that would play me in a movie of my life would be… Julie Walters

The song that makes me dance is… Maggie May by Rod Stewart

The song I would have played at my funeral would be… ‘My God’ from the Sister Act soundtrack

The best place I have ever been is…  St Martin in the Caribbean

The place I have to visit before I die is… the Great Wall of China

The last person I talked to on the phone was… my daughter

The last text message I received was from… my husband

If I was a politician I would…

reduce the rates for businesses on the Lisburn Road

If I won the lottery I would … have to give half away before I could even think of myself, but I must say holidays would be good for spending the money on

If I could describe myself in five words they would be… sensitive, honest, creative, daft, and fun loving.

If I could invite five people, living or dead, to a dinner party they would be… I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have than members of my extended family

If I could change one thing about South Belfast it would be… snobby shop assistants

My favourite thing about South Belfast is…the diversity of individually owned businesses, which is rarely seen these days