Dune: Part Two
Immense in both scale and ambition, director Denis Villeneuve's grandiose adaptation of Frank Herbert’s legendary sci-fi series arrives at cinemas this weekend on a wave of frenzied hype and anticipation.

While part one was undoubtedly a work of art, blowing us away with its stunning visuals and the colossal breadth, audiences were left on a knife-edge at its finale, wanting more immersion and a lot more action. Thankfully, part two delivers both in abundance as the story takes flight and the gears are shifted into full throttle.

Our hero Paul Atreides and his devoted mother Lady Jessica have found refuge with the Sietch group leader Stilgar, a rebel who buys into the notion that the unremarkable Paul may well be the chosen one who will free the Arrakis people from the bonds put in place by Emperor Shaddam and his diabolical brood.

The stakes in the chapter have been raised, and we get a very real sense that the Arrakis have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. From the very outset, Villeneuve grabs our attention with a spectacular opening scene, and rarely lets up the intensity.

It's an operatic sci-fi epic in every sense, the vastness of its story, the stark, stunning visuals and landscapes constantly leaving you aghast in its brutal, unforgiving beauty.

Timothée Chalamet gets well into his groove this time around and really delivers the performance we've patiently been waiting for, while the likes of Javier Bardem, Zendaya and Christopher Walken all add a touch of class and definition to their roles. My advice? Watch part one again before embarking on this adventure, and you'll truly appreciate the might and majesty that part two possesses. Don’t miss it!
Combat Wombat Double Trouble
Hailing from Down Under, Combat Wombat is a cuddly superhero who has won over legions of fans in Oz and  the ambitious marsupial has designs to conquer Europe.

But as animated entertainment goes, Combat Wombat lacks a certain quality when it comes to its animation, while the humour just seem a bit blunt.

The action here sees a widow wombat known as Maggie Diggins who transforms into the crime-fighting hero, the one and only Combat Wombat.

Keeping Sanctuary City safe is her main priority, but when an evil genius begins to enslave the city's senior citizens, only Combat Wombat and her crack team of critter sidekicks.

Although well-meaning in its approach, Combat Wombat will just about keep the toddlers in your family amused for a hour, but any kids over the age of eight will struggle to stay interested.