A CHILDREN'S football team in North Belfast are shining a light on the plight of Palestinian kids in Gaza by wearing the logo of MAP (Medical Aid for Palestinians) on their new jerseys.

The charity is working to provide humanitarian aid and medicine to Gaza which has seen over 12,000 children killed in the last six months by the Israeli bombardment.

Cliftonville 2017s/under-8s

Cliftonville 2017s/under-8s

The young players will have the MAP charity logo on the sleeve of their new jersey in solidarity with the besieged Gaza population, especially the thousands of displaced children who are experiencing severe famine and malnutrition.

Ryan Moore, coach of the underage Reds team, felt it was an opportunity to strike a positive note and show the people in Palestine that they are not forgotten.

"Everyone is greatly saddened by the tragedy unfolding in Gaza so I felt this was an opportunity to highlight and show support for a charity, that is helping to provide much-needed humanitarian and medical aid to Palestinian men, women and children on the ground," he said.

"It is very symbolic that the boys will wear the MAP logo every time they take to a football pitch, practicing their right to play, and their right for fun, freedom and life, something that, unfortunately those in Gaza, and the occupied West Bank, do not have, due to the severe restrictions imposed upon them."

Zahra Yassine, Community Events Manager at MA, said: "From everyone at MAP we would like to say a big thank you to the Cliftonville 2017's football team for raising awareness of our work and for your solidarity with children in Gaza.

"We are touched by the support for MAP and Palestinians living under Israel's indiscriminate bombardment of Gaza.  

"Your support is essential to help us to continue to provide medical aid and life-saving care to Palestinians in Gaza who have been facing immense suffering. From the bottom of all our hearts – thank you."

For more information or if you wish to donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians, click here.