A local councillor believes fly-tipping at a condemned Lenadoon flats complex is being carried out by commercial operators.

Plans to demolish existing flats and build 23 new social homes – 12 houses and 10 apartments – in Corrib Avenue are currently under consideration by Belfast City Council. 

If approved, the plans will see the old blocks, which have been cleared of existing tenants, demolished by the Housing Executive. 

It is hoped the empty flats, which have been hotspot for antisocial behaviour, will be demolished this summer.

Sinn Féin Councillor Arder Carson hit out after the empty flats were targeted by fly-tippers over the weekend. 

Cllr Carson believes those responsible are van operators charging Belfast residents a fee to clear their unwanted items, but opting to fly-tip the rubbish rather than pay a commercial fee to do so at an approved recycling facility. 

"It's some business model - totally disrespecting communities so that you can make money and so you don't have to go into a dump," he said. 

"It's getting to the point where we're going to get the flats demolished and people are using it for fly-tipping. It's really aggravating.

"What respect do people hold for those communities when they think they can just drive in there and dump all sorts of rubbish?"

He added: "The answer to that, although it's difficult, is tracing back where that rubbish is coming from and holding people to account is the only way we're going to stop all of this because it happens all over the city."

The Andersonstown News previously reported that the development of social homes at Corrib Avenue had stalled as Belfast City Council awaited outstanding submissions from DfI Roads and Choice Housing.

An application to build 13 houses and 10 apartments was submitted in July 2020, with Choice Housing expressing hope that plans would be approved in January or February of this year.

Following the delay, Choice Housing said it hoped to submit amended plans, and that the Housing Executive would be able to appoint a contractor for demolition this month.

A Belfast City Council spokesperson has since confirmed receipt of amended plans, which are "now under consideration".

Choice Housing said the revisions included changes to "parking layout and a minor adjustment to the arrangement of the proposed dwellings."

"This will result in enhanced landscaping and areas of planting for the enjoyment of future residents," a spokesperson added.

"We believe these changes will further enhance the living environment for prospective residents and will, critically, meet with the Council’s approval.

"A further re-consultation will be necessary with DfI Roads and following a positive conclusion to this engagement we anticipate the application will proceed to determination.

"A letter of support has been received by Alex Maskey MLA and Cllr Ronan McLaughlin which is a further indication of the pressing need for social housing in this area of the City and the political and community support for the proposed development”.