The Dairy Farm Pharmacy in Poleglass, which closed on Saturday temporarily after a driver tested positive for Covid-19, will re-open Monday after a deep-clean of the premises. 

Michael Cooper, Operations Manager for Cooper's Chemists, said the pharmacy group had acted swiftly once a case of the virus was suspected. 

"We arranged for a coronavirus test for a driver who had reported a case of Covid-19 in his family," he said.

"The driver was immediately sent home and tested for the virus on Thursday. The result came back positive on Friday.

"We arranged for a test for another driver with whom he was in contact. That person was asked to isolate until the result came through. That result came back today and was negative. This person will continue to self-isolate as per current guidance."

Michael Cooper said a deep-clean of the Dairy Farm premises has now been completed. "We closed the Dairy Farm Pharmacy on Saturday to ensure a deep-clean could be carried out as a precautionary measure. The pharmacy remained closed on Saturday to enable that deep-clean to be completed.

"We are now ready to re-open again on Monday morning at Dairy Farm Pharmacy and our delivery services across the group will resume as normal."

The pharmacy group manager said he had been in touch with the Department of Health to keep them informed.

"From the start of the pandemic, we have instituted rigorous guidelines to mitigate the dangers of the coronavirus both among staff and among patients," he said. "We will continue to observe all the necessary protocols in the time ahead. Our advice remains to the public to wash their hands, ensure social distancing at all times and to avoid gatherings. They should also wear a face-covering in shops and stores."

Delivery services at the pharmacy had not been disrupted, added Mr Cooper.

"This won't impact on our overall service as we have implemented contingency plans to ensure there is no interruption to our delivery service."