THE DUP don’t do self-awareness, otherwise they wouldn’t be complaining that the Boundary Commission’s recommended Westminster changes are an egregious example of gerrymandering. The Commission has recommended ditching two of the North’s 18 seats.

Unionists accusing others of gerrymandering, you couldn’t make it up. Well, you could if you lived in Londonderry.

Let’s assume for a moment – no let’s hope – that Peter et al are on to something and that the new constituencies are being gerrymandered by the British for nefarious reasons, the most nefarious act imaginable for unionists being, of course, the ending of the union against the wishes of the gerrmandered loyalist majority of these six counties. Wouldn’t it be a delicious historical irony if the same cynical geographical skulduggery which gave us the Frankenstein state that we live in at present were to put the monster out of its misery?

Make a hell of a chapter in the history books.