BELFAST City Council and the Housing Executive are working together to find a resolution to ongoing issues surrounding bin collections in Lenadoon.

Sinn Féin councillor Arder Carson says there has been an increase in missed collections leading to overflowing eurobins, dumping and fly-tipping across the area. Eurobins are large wheeled containers, often used for flat accommodation which are collected fortnightly.

"Over the last number of months, I have met with Belfast City Council and Housing Executive officers to find resolutions to ongoing issues with eurobin collections in the Lenadoon area," explained Councillor Carson.

"Missed collections lead to overflowing bins often sitting in the street for days on end, spillage on to roads and footpaths, dumping and fly-tipping which leaves the area looking appalling.

Overflowing eurobins in Lenadoon

Overflowing eurobins in Lenadoon

"As a result, Council and the Executive are carrying out a condition review and replacement programme of all eurobins in the area, a direct line of communication between Council and the Housing Executive contractor has been established for the reporting of missed collections.

"All will take a more robust approach to enforcement, and we are working towards a single day collection service for all eurobins.

"These measures should help alleviate the problem but as always, we rely on the support of residents to eradicate it. I would ask that any issues with the eurobins be reported as soon as possible so that the appropriate service provider can be alerted to it."

A Housing Executive spokesperson said: “We are aware of concerns around the collections of eurobins in the Lenadoon area and have been working closely with Belfast City Council to resolve these issues. 

“Our staff ensure that bins are prepared for collection every week. We have processes in place with Belfast City Council to notify them of any missed collections and have collections rescheduled within a day or two. 

“Unfortunately, the bins are too heavy to replace in the bin pens when full so must remain in the collection area until they have been emptied. An issue with access for bin collection, due to parking on the street, was identified and we have carried out letter drops to raise awareness with local tenants.

“On occasion, damaged bins have been left unemptied and we are currently working with the council to replace them. A large number of these new eurobins are already on site.

“We have also written frequently to residents raising the matter of fly-tipping, reminding them of the bulky collections service offered by the council in an attempt to prevent large items being left at our bin pens.

“We will continue our work with the council and residents to address all concerns.”