ARDOYNE Passionist Priest Fr Gary Donegan has successfully undergone a second operation after suffering another bleed in his eye.

The Fermanagh native revealed in December that he had to have an operation to restore the sight in his right eye after losing his vision when a bleed to it caused extensive damage. Last week, he suffered a second bleed and had more surgery on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, two months after surgery, I had another bleed into my eye which left me with an eye pressure of 65 when it should be 21. The pain was level ten and unbelievably uncomfortable,” he said on his Facebook page.

"Then in steps the incredible NHS, the lovely Dr Collins from Clifton Street Surgery who referred me to the eye casualty in the Royal Victoria Hospital.

"I spent the day on a trolley as they valiantly attempted to reduce the pain and pressure.

"I was admitted to the exceptional care of Ward 28 from the Dr's Nurses auxiliary staff the care was beyond kind, humbling in fact.

"I went back to eye casualty, the wonderful Professor Lois and her team preformed a second operation on Wednesday. It went well and I am awaiting further surgery later this month.

"I am getting used to the Jack Sparrow look with little children stopping and staring at the real pirate, to which I reply I am Paddy Sparrow, Jack's Irish brother.

"Many thanks for all the prayers and kind sentiments. I have a very high pain threshold but these last days have stretched me to the extreme. What would we do without the NHS? I for one feel indebted."