A SOUTH Belfast Alliance MLA has hit out at drivers who are ignoring parking restrictions in the Holyland area.

Paula Bradshaw said she has received number of complaints about drivers ignoring restrictions, ignoring yellow lines and parking on pavements. 

“Issues of drivers parking irresponsibly in the Holyland area has been raised with me on numerous occasions over the last few months, and increasingly in the past week,” she said.  

“This problem is particularly felt by residents in Collingwood Avenue, where double-yellow lines are constantly and wilfully ignored by drivers."

Ms Bradshaw added that this appears to be yet another example of people believing that normal rules and laws do not apply in the Holyland district. 

“Whilst I appreciate that drivers need to take some personal responsibility, we need parking enforcement to be improved so that fines can act as a deterrent," she said.

"I have asked the Department for Infrastructure to ensure that parking attendants pay closer attention to the neighbourhood. 

“In the meantime, I would ask all road users to be more considerate when parking in residential areas.”