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Men in Black 3 (PG) Director: Barry Sonnenfeld Staring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones Rating: ★★★

It’s black to the future as buddies meet again

By Gerald McCusker

What’s the story?

It’s just another day in the office for special agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones), protecting Earth from all manner of nasty extraterrestrials hell-bent on invading and destroying our planet.

Everything changes, though, when evil Boglodite assassin Boris The Animal (Jemaine Clement) escapes from a high-security prison on the moon and goes back to 1969 to kill agent K, the man who put him behind bars all those years ago.

As J awakens to find a world where his best friend and trusted partner no longer exists, he is ordered by new MiB boss Agent O (Emma Thompson) to go back in time to 1969 on a mission to save K from the assassination that has changed the past, present and future.

Meeting up with a 29-year-old K (Josh Brolin) and, with a helpful hand from a young Agent O (Alice Eve), J must find the dastardly Boris The Animal before he kills his one and only friend.


What’s the story?

It’s hard to believe that it was way back in 1997 when Men in Black first hit the big screen and, after a rather dull and disappointing sequel in 2002, it’s a wonder that a third movie ever got the green light at all.

Thankfully, director Barry Sonnenfeld has managed to inject MiB 3 with a lot more energy and charisma than the second instalment and, with a healthy helping of high-octane action, brilliant special effects and the inspired decision to cast the excellent Josh Brolin to play the younger K, MiB 3 makes for a entertaining return to form for Sonnenfeld.

As with the first movie, it’s the chemistry between J and K that makes it so much fun to watch and, even though Tommy Lee Jones is somewhat sidelined, Josh Brolin is absolutely fantastic as K and captures Jones’ mannerisms perfectly.

Will Smith, as usual, throws all his energy into the role and Jemaine Clement from The Flight of the Conchords fame makes for a delicious baddie and positively exudes terror with a gentle sprinkle of humour along with way.

With the action set-pieces brilliantly building to a jaw-dropping and a rather unexpectedly emotional finale, MiB 3 is sure to grip existing fans and newcomers alike.

What’s the story?

A welcome return from the MiB guys, there’s enough action and popcorn-friendly special effects here to keep even the most restless film fan happy.

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