THE SECOND major event of the 2011 hurricane season – Katia – came shrieking and howling across the broad Atlantic on Monday morning. According to the BBC Ulster weather team, it made land-fall in Londonderry.

Oh, and then went on to sweep across Scotland.

Of the western seaboard of our little island, mention was there none. Met Éireann warned of high winds in Connacht and Ulster, but for the boys and girls peering out the windows at Ormeau Avenue, Ulster begins at Londonderry, of course, and so there was not a word about the storm-tossed coastal outposts of Ballyshannon or Malin Head, for instance.

If you live in Edinburgh or Auchtermuchtie, on the other hand, and you’re in the habit of accessing your weather information from BBC Ulster and not BBC Scotland, your meteorological needs were well catered for. Naturally.