WE are all familiar with the old saying ‘If you can’t take the heat, then maybe you should get out of the kitchen.’  In other words, criticism is a given, so deal with it.
To a certain extent this may be true, as criticism exists in all arenas of life, and let’s be honest, we are all guilty of dishing it out.
However, there is a difference between healthy, constructive criticism and being mean-spirited. You only need to be on social media to encounter those who are hell-bent on making themselves look tall by making others feel small. I think if we don’t like somebody or their posts, then perhaps we should simply stay off their timeline, and also avoid the temptation to send unpleasant private messages.
In other words, stay out of their space. I have learnt to ignore negative people and I’ve adopted a ‘block and roll’ approach, which means I generally block anyone who is abusive.

I know that such negativity (especially if it is constant) can pierce our hearts. But, friends, it is important that we don’t lose our courage to speak out. Don’t allow the bully to silence you.
Remember, grace and compassion do not mean you are a doormat. You have a voice and your voice matters.
We know that Jesus was on the side of the marginalised and oppressed, and he was about flipping those tables of power and injustice. This certainly caused him to gain some enemies.

Jesus had this amazing ability to ‘shake the dust off his feet’ by moving on, resisting the urge to rise up to those seeking a response. However, there were also times he did respond, often saving his harshest words for the religious elite of his day (such as the Pharisees).


Maybe, somewhere in all this, we have lost what it means to be human. Certainly, recognising each other’s humanity may not stop disagreements, but I think it would help us to disagree well. We all have a responsibility to think before we speak/post anything.
Pull in close to those who love and know you; to those who speak truth into you and who stand with you against the unfair criticism.
Remember the words of Theodore Roosevelt: “It is not the critic who counts…”
Grab a coffee, read over his words above and reflect on them.
I pray God will strengthen our weak knees and give us the courage to continue to stand up and speak out.. even in the midst of those who seek to silence us.