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Local parties react to historic Supreme Court ruling

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Prime Minister Boris Johnson
By Conor McParland

POLITICAL leaders in the north have been reacting after a historic ruling by the Supreme Court on Tuesday.
The highest court in the land ruled Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was unlawful.
The Prime Minister is facing calls to resign and said that though he “profoundly disagreed” with the ruling he would “respect it.”
MPs are due back in the House of Commons at 11.30am today.
Sinn Féin leader in the north Michelle O’Neill said the judgement represents another “meltdown moment” for the British government.
“The British Supreme Court’s decision that proroguing parliament was unlawful underscores the complete and utter disregard Boris Johnson has for the majority of the people of the north who voted to Remain,” she said.
“This represents more of the chaos, dysfunction and mess that we have come to expect from Westminster, the House of Chaos.
“Today’s judgement is another meltdown moment for the British government.
“Ireland cannot be collateral damage in this circus – we are focused on protecting the interests of people here from the Tory-DUP crash-out Brexit.
“While this farce is playing out in London, our people here are anxiously watching on and they want a deal.
“Our businesses want a deal, our farmers want a deal, our manufacturers want a deal, our workers want a deal and our community and voluntary organisations want a deal.
“If the British government does drag us out of the EU then our the bare minimum protect we need against the catastrophe that is Brexit is the backstop.”
DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds said the ruling had dealt a blow to the Prime Minister.
“The shenanigans in the Commons have weakened the prime minister’s hand in negotiations,” he said.
“Despite the decision, we do still need a deal with the EU to be negotiated.
“This is just another step on the way and there will be many more twists and turns in the saga.
“I think it would be very unwise for anyone to predict, never mind the end of October, what’s going to happen next week. I think we’re in uncharted territory.
“There still needs to be a negotiation with Europe. Some of the language we are hearing out of Brussels about their intransigence is not very encouraging.
“I hope we can make progress.
Alliance leader Naomi Long called on Boris Johnson to resign.
“This is a momentous, unprecedented and far-reaching decision. Parliamentary scrutiny at this crucial time in the Brexit process is vital. It is clear now the Prime Minister and his inner circle acted unlawfully,” she said.
“Boris Johnson’s decision to attempt to prorogue Parliament was motivated by his desire to shut down debate on Brexit, attempting to stifle democracy and silence the voices of our elected representatives at a time of severe crisis.
“He has pushed our unwritten constitution to its limits and abused his powers. He has proven himself to be unfit for office and his position is now untenable. He must resign immediately.”
SDLP leader Colum Eastwood said that Boris Johnson is unfit for the office he holds.
“Earlier in the summer when Boris Johnson sought the suspension of Westminster during a critical time in the Brexit process, I accused him of behaving like a tinpot dictator,” he said. “Today’s ruling at the Supreme Court confirms that he acted unlawfully to undermine the democratic accountability and scrutiny of his government at a critical time for these islands.
“We know that the Leave campaign lied and cheated during the referendum. Now it’s clear that Johnson has lied, cheated and acted unlawfully as Prime Minister. He is unfit for office.
“Full scrutiny of this government and its plans for a hard Brexit must now be restored and challenged immediately. Johnson must be removed from office and Brexit called to a halt. the best way to do that is through an election. Let people have their say on the actions of this Tory/DUP Government.”

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